Gujarat National Law University
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GNLU Internal Committees
Sr. No. Committee Composition Designation
1.        Admission Committee 1. Registrar Convener
2. (Mr) Sushil Goswami Co-Convener
3. (Mr) Lagdhir Rabari Member
4. (Mr) Hardik Parikh Member
5. (Mr) Richard Panth Member
6. (Mr) Sachin Jadav Member
7. (Mr) Kalpesh Prajapati Member
2.        Academic Curriculum Committee 1. (Dr) Ravindra Kumar Singh Convener
2.      (Mr) Satya Ranjan Mishra Co-Convener
3.      (Mr) Girish R. Member
4.      (Dr) Fakkiresh Sakkarnaikar Member
5.        (Dr) Udayakumara Ramakrishna BN Member
6.        (Ms) Heena Goswami Member
7 Dean, Academic Affairs Ex-Officio Member
8.      (Dr) Ranita Nagar Ex-Officio Member
9.    (Dr) Viral Pandya Ex-Officio Member
10.       (Dr) Bindu Vijay Ex-Officio Member
11.     (Mr) Ritesh Thakkar Administrative Assistance
3.        Examination Committee 1.           (Dr) Shobhalata Udapudi Convener
2.           (Mr) Avinash Bhagi Co-Convener
3.           (Dr) Rajani Suthar Member
4. (Mr) Hardik Parikh Member
5. Dean, Academic Affairs Ex-Officio Member
6. (Ms) Nisha Trivedi Secretary
4.        Internal Complaint Committee 1.        (Dr) Shobhalata Udapudi Convener
2.        (Dr) Aruna Kumar Malik Co-Convener
3.        (Ms) Heena Goswami Member
4.        (Dr) Viral Kumar Mandalia Member
5.        (Mr) Pranav Khatri Member
6.        (Ms) Avani Vyas Member
5.        Gender Sensitisation Committee 1.        (Ms) Asha Verma Convener
2. (Ms) Niyati Pandey Co-Convener
3.        (Dr) Aruna Kumar Malik Member
4.        (Mr) Pranav Khatri Member
5.        (Ms) Avani Vyas Member
6.        Legal Service Committee 1.        (Mr) Saurabh Anand Convener
2. (Dr) Ambati Nageswara Rao Co-Convener
3.        (Ms) Palak Jagtiani Member
4.        Legal Cell Coordinator Secretary
7. Library & Literature Resources 1. (Dr) Bindu Vijay Convener
2. (Ms) Harsha Rajwanshi Co-Convener
3.(Mr) Lagdhir Rabari Secretary
8. Mess Committee 1.        (Mr) Soaham Bajpai Convener
2.        (Mr) A. Marisport Co-Convener
3.        (Ms) Apoorva Patel Member
4.        Resident Wardens Ex-Officio Member
5.        Dean, Student's Welfare Ex-Officio Member
9. Moot Court & Allied Competition Committee 1.        (Mr) R. Girish Convener
2. (Ms) Garima Goswami Co-Convener
3.        (Ms) Palak Jagtiani Member
4.        (Ms) Amita Member
10. Internship & Placement & Alumni Committee 1.        (Dr) Nidhi Buch  Convener
2.        (Dr) William Nunes Co-Convener (LLM)
3. (Dr) Viral Pandya Co-Convener (MBA)
4. (Mr) Divya Tyagi Member
5.        (Mr) Mahesh Chaudhary Member
6.        (Ms) Harsha Rajwanshi Member
7.        (Mr) Nimesh Dave Secretary
11. Publications & News Letter Committee 1.        (Dr) Saira Siraj Gori Convener
2.        (Mr) Waseem Bhat Member
3.        Dean Research Division Ex-Officio Member
4.        (Mr) Gopal Bhatt Administrative Assistance
12. Awards, Scholarships & Exchange Committee 1.        (Dr) Anjani Singh Tomar Convener
2.        (Mr) Anant Deogaonkar Co-Convener
3.        (Ms) Deesha Khaire Member
4.        (Mr) Mahesh Choudhary Member
5. (Mr) Gopal Bhatt Administrative Assistance
13. Sports Committee 1.           (Mr) Sugnesh Chudasama Convener
2.           (Mr) Satya Ranjan Mishra Member
3.          (Dr) Viralkumar Mandaliya Member
4. (Ms) Anu Mishra Member
5. (Ms) Hiral Barot Member
6.           Resident Wardens Ex-Officio Member
14. Staff Welfare and Staff Orientation Committee 1.        (Mr) Rajesh Dave  Convener
2.        (Ms) Vallari Solanki Member
3.        (Mr) Vijay Vaghela Member
15. Student Disciplinary Committee 1.        (Mr) Girish R Convener
2. (Mr) Anant Deogaonkar Co-Convener
3.        (Dr) Nidhi Buch Member
4. (Ms) Garima Goswami Member
5. (Ms) Prabhavati Baskey Member
6. (Mr) Gopal Bhatt Administrative Assistance
16. Students Activities Committee 1.        (Ms) Asha Verma Convener
2.        (Ms) Deesha Khaire Co-Convener
3. (Ms) Niyati Pandey Member
4.        (Mr) Rajesh Dave Member
5.        (Mr) Soaham Bajpai Member
6.        (Mr) Girish Prajapati Member
17. Competitive Examination Guidance Committee 1.        (Dr) Hitesh Thakkar    Convener
2. (Mr) A. Marisport Member
3. (Ms) Shreya Srivastava Member
4.        (Mr) Taher Kakuji Administrative Assistance
18. Building and Campus Development Committee (UGC) 1.        Director Chairman
2.        A representative of PWD or CPDW Member
3.        A representative of the Planning Board Member
4.     Registrar Member
5.     (Mr) Sushil Goswami Member
6.     Representative of Budget, Finance and Accounts Member
7.     (Mr) Hiren Pandit Special Invitee
19. ICDC 1.        Director  Chairman
2. A representative of Architect Member
3.        A representative of the all Contractor Member
4.        (Mr) Sushil Goswami Member
5.        (Mr) Kuldeep Patel Member
6.        (Mr) Rajesh Dave Member
7.        (Mr) Sugnesh Chudasama Member
8.        (Mr) Mayur Chauhan Member
20. Procurement & Assets Disposal Committee 1.        (Mr) Mobin Sheikh Convener
2.        (Mr) Lagdhir Rabari Member
3. Representative of Budget, Finance and Accounts Member & Secretary 
4.        (Mr) Malav Buch Nominee of Director
5.        (Mr) Sachin Jadav Nominee of Registrar
6. (Mr) Hardik Parikh Special invitee
21. SW & GRC 1.        (Dr) Joshua Aston Convener
2. (Dr) Parameswaran K. Member
3.        (Ms) Apoorva Patel Member
4.        (Mr) Gopal Bhatt Administrative Assistance
22. Legal History Museum 1.        (Dr) Richa Sharma Convener
2. (Dr) Parameswaran K.  Member
3.        (Ms) Darshana Parmar Member
4.        (Mr) Taher Kakuji Member
23. Debate Committee 1.        (Mr) Sanjeev Choudhary Convener
2.        (Dr) Rajani Suthar Member
3. (Dr) Akil Ali Saiyed Member
4. (Mr) Tarun Singh Member
24. Model United Nations Committee 1.        (Dr) William Nunes Convener
2.        (Dr) Parameswaran K. Co-Convener
3.        (Mr) Jagadeesh Chandra T.G. Member
4.        (Mr) Nirmal Patel Administrative Assistance
25. Legal Incubation Committee 1.        (Dr) Viral Pandya Convener
2.        (Dr) Udayakumara Ramakrishna BN Member
3.        (Dr) Ambati Nageswara Rao Member
4.        (Mr) Jagdeesh Chandra T.G. Member
5. (Ms) Heena Goswami Member
6. (Mr) Nimesh Dave Secretary
26. Internal Audit Committee 1.        (Mr) Satya Ranjan Mishra Convener
2.        (Ms) Garima Goswami Member
3.        (Mr) Malav Buch Member
4.        (Ms) Nisha Trivedi Member
27. Digital Media & Press 1.        (Ms) Nisha Trivedi Convener
2.        (Mr) Santosh Thakur Member
28. Committee for Persons with Special Needs 1.        (Dr) Ambati Nageswara Rao Convener
2.        (Dr) Akil Ali Saiyed Member
3.        (Ms) Darshana Parmar Member
29. Criminal Law Committee 1.        (Mr) Anant Deogaonkar Convener
2.        (Mr) Waseem Bhat Member
3.        (Ms) Amita Member
Other Divisions/Councils
30. Research Division 1.        (Dr) Ranita Nagar Head (Dean)
2.        Dean, Academic Affairs Ex-Officio Member
3.        (Dr) Shobhalata V. Udapudi Member
4.        (Dr) Ravindra Kumar Singh Member
5.        (Dr) William Nunes Member
6. (Mr) Soaham Bajpai Member Secretary
6.  (Mr) Rahul Pandya Administrative Assistance
31. GNLU Extension Division 1.        (Dr) Vikas Gandhi Head (Dean)
2.        (Mr) Sanjeev Choudhary Member
3. TRA/RA Member
32. GNLU Training Division 1.        (Dr) Saira Gori Head (Dean)
2.        (Dr) Fakkiresh Sakkarnaikar Member
3.        (Mr) Shashibhushan Sharma Member
4.        (Mr) Nirmal Patel Member
33. Post-Graduate Program Council 1.        Dean Academic Affairs Convener
2.        (Dr) Vikas Gandhi Co-Convener
3.        (Dr) Anjani Singh Tomar Member
4.        (Dr) Udayakumara Ramakrishna BN Member
5. (Mr) Avinash Bhagi Member
6. (Mr) Rahul Pandya Administrative Assistance
34. Ph. D Committee 1.        (Dr) Shobhalata V. Udapudi Convener
2.        (Dr) Mamta Biswal Co-Convener
3.        (Ms) Nisha Trivedi Member
4.        (Mr) Ritesh Thakkar Administrative Assistance
35. Committee for Recruitment, Probation and Promotion affairs 1.        Dean Academic Affairs Convener
2.        (Dr) Viral Pandya Member
3.        (Mr) Avinash Bhagi Member
4.        (Mr) Malav Buch Member
5. (Mr) Sushil Goswami Secretary
33. Performance Committee 1.        (Dr) Ravindra Kumar Singh Convener
2.        (Mr) Mahesh Chaudhary Member
3.        (Ms) Nisha Trivedi Member
  • All the policy/administrative recommendation(s) of a committee/council/division shall be routed through the Registrar to the Director for consideration and implementation following the due procedure.
  • Committee should meet at least once in a month or as and when required.
  • Minutes of Meeting should be maintained by each Committee/Council/Division in printed form and must be sent to Registrar/Dean/Director for further consideration/approval, as applicable/required.
  • Mr Sushil Goswami, Dr Joshua Aston and Mr Malav Buch are Special Invitees to all internal committees without voting rights.
  • This Committee list will come into force with immediate effect i.e. 02/01/2017 and will be in existence for a period of one year.
  • Future vacancy in any committee shall be filled and notified as and when required.
  • * With effect from October 2016.

Last Updated: 09-08-2017.