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GUVNL-GNLU Research Fellowship on Energy Law and Policy

"Energy is fundamental to country's economy. The objective of this flagship program is to fill research gaps in Energy law & Policy and further to contribute and promote the intellectual depth of the debate and policy developments on Energy matters"

About GUVNL Research Scholarship on 'Energy Law & Policy'

The collaborative GUVNL Research Scholarship program is an effective modality of GNLU and GUVNL to enhance legal education, research, training and extension programs and activities exclusively in the area of Energy Law and Policy. The Research Scholarship program is implemented by an appointed GUVNL Research Associate who works in close integration with Dean-Research, GNLU and under guidance and supervision of Director, GNLU.

Vision Statement

"Meeting the energy challenge is of fundamental importance to India’s economic growth imperatives and its efforts to raise its level of human development."

"The overview of energy related issues shows that a workable energy strategy for the Twelfth Plan requires a large number of actions by different Ministries in the Central Government plus action by State Governments in several areas. The success of the Twelfth Plan depends critically on our being able to ensure that all or most of these actions are taken within a reasonable period of time. Unless this can be done, energy constraints will limit the ability of the economy to reach 9.0 per cent growth".

Knowledge Centre for Energy Law & Policy

The vital and dynamic energy sector is a critical component of country's economy where energy supply must keep pace with energy demand. In India, energy planning has to provide for the ever-growing demands of economy on the move and needs of millions of households. Energy, a vital input for production and rapid growth of GDP has to be supported by an increase in energy consumption as large sections of the country’s population is still without an adequate access to energy.

To cater and serve the evolving energy sector in the country, there is a need to assess the feasibility and implications of various aspects of Energy Law and Policy. The Research Scholarship program aims to provide institutional arrangement for Legal Research and Policy Formulation to address various issues and experiences underpinning the energy sector.

GNLU's Functional Assistance under Energy Law & Policy Research Scholarship aims to provide and promote education, collaborative research, critical discussions, policy analyses, and hands-on clinical experience to address the intricacies of Energy law and policy

Collaborative Research center for GUVNL

Under the Research Scholarship program, the thematically coherent research program shall be undertaken to assist GUVNL:
  • To plan, promote, develop, establish and execute contracts for an efficient and reliable power trading system in accordance with the applicable laws, rules and regulations.
  • In the field of power supply, trading and conservation of electricity.
  • To procure and distribute all forms of electrical power and undertake all connected functions in India and abroad and find the efficient ways to supervise, co-ordinate and facilitate activities of Subsidiary Companies.
  • To carry on management of fuels systems, hydel, wind and solar resources.

  • Objectives and Activities

    The Research Scholarship on 'Energy Law and Policy' envisions to achieve the following objectives:
  • To provide sound and sustained legal research, drafting, training and educational assistance to Energy Law and Policy stakeholders
  • To provide a forum for discussion, research and study of international and national Energy Law and Policy;
  • To organize workshops, training seminars for the stakeholders, etc.
  • To publish policy-papers, reports on status and carry out surveys on cutting-edge issues of contemporary subjects of Energy Law and Policy;
  • To provide high quality legal research and study materials, including policy papers on a pro bono or sponsorship basis.

  • The Research Scholarship program aspires to achieve its objective through threefold core areas of activity as follows:
  • Educational Programs
  • Scholarly Publications
  • Membership Activities

  • Research Associate:

    Aishwarya Chandra, Research Associate, GUVNL-GNLU Research Fellowship on ‘Energy Law and Policy’.

    Faculty Advisor:

    Harsha Rajwanshi, Assistant Professor of Law. She can be reached at


    Certificate Course on Nuclear Energy and Law

    Organised by Gujarat National Law University and Nuclear Law Association India from 11-12 April 2015.

    Legal Training Course on Electricity Act, 2003 & Policy Guidelines

    Organized by: Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) along with Knowledge Partner Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission and with association of Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) from 19-20 September 2015.

    Upcoming Events:

    To be updated soon

    Past Events:

    GNLU-NLA International Essay Writing Competition 2015 on "Nuclear Energy Law & Policy"

    Organised by Gujarat National Law University and Nuclear Law Association. Abstract Submission and Registration date was 30 November 2015.Final Submission date was 21 December 2015.

    Panel of Judges included R Rajesh Babu Associate Professor & Chairperson, Public Policy and Management, Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata, India, Saptarishi Bandopadhyay, Teaching Fellow & SJD Candidate, Harvard Law School, University, United States, Ajish P Joy Chief Sub Editor, The WEEK Magazine, M P Ram Mohan Associate Professor, TERI University and President, Nuclear Law Association, India, Armin Rosencranz Professor of Law and Public Policy, Jindal Global Law School, Haryana & Consulting Professor, Stanford University, Siddarth Sharma Advocate, Supreme Court of India & Resident Counsel, Tata Sons

    An Exclusive Energy Law Section In 'The Practical Lawyer':

    Under GUVNL Fellowship Programme on Energy Law and Policy, an exclusive section on Energy Law had been introduced in The Practical Lawyer magazine, a EBC Publication.

    The first article on "Policy & Regulatory Provisions for Renewable Energy Power in India", Citation: (2014) PL (EL) November 77 has been published in The Practical Lawyer - November 2014 Issue. The Article can also be accessed on SCC Online database.


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