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GNLU-ONGC Fellowship on International Contracts


GNLU-ONGC Fellowship on International Contracts

"With a properly written International Contract, the only major issue that can come up is your own performance. You’re protected from everything else."

Tamara Parschin-Rybkin

About GNLU-ONGC Fellowship on International Contracts

Having recognized the need of the legal fraternity to gain an insight into this upcoming field of law and commerce, this Research Fellowship ensures dedication to provide a forum for research, study, debate and discussion related to International Contracts. GNLU affirms the importance of University-Industry research collaboration by launching a competitive call under this topic. GNLU-ONGC research collaborations have a long tradition and have brought forward excellent results for both sides as well as for society at large. For entities in order to stay competitive and profitable access to research facilities, human resources and new ideas are important. By teaming up with a GNLU these needs can be met. On the other hand, GNLU has gained reputation by its ability to attract businesses interested in accessing their knowledge, talents, as well as their physical research infrastructure. Thus, cross-fertilizing research relationships between GNLU and ONGC will enable both entities to sustain growth in their areas.


Aims and Objectives of the GNLU-ONGC Fellowship on International Contract To provide a forum for discussion, research and study of National and International Contract Laws;
  • To organize Workshops, Training and Seminars for the stakeholders, etc.
  • To publish policy-papers, reports on cutting edge issues of contemporary subjects of International Contracts;
  • To provide high quality legal research and study materials, including policy papers on a pro bono or on a sponsorship basis.


  • Expert lecture series by eminent legal scholars on the above mentioned subjects. The stakeholders will include students and ONGC officials where they will learn about facing the legal intricacies that generally arise while entering into contracts with other organizations.
  • National seminar on the 'Legal Aspect of Oil and Gas Sector', whereby best articles will be published in the journal carrying ISSN/ISBN number. There will be another publication on the recent developments in the field of International Contracts and Management which can be short manual for the ONGC officials and students to get brief knowledge about the recent trends in the aforesaid area.
  • International Essay competitions and Panel discussions by esteemed legal scholars on the current issues related to the International Commercial Arbitration, International Contracts and Tendering, Foreign Direct Investment in Oil and Gas Sector, Environmental Impact Assessment etc.
  • Training programme by IACCM Oil and Gas Contracting in practice programme. The efforts will be to blend technical capabilities and key behavioral competencies within the specialist field of the energy industry.
  • Workshops shall be conducted in collaboration with the GIFT City for the Students and ONGC officials enlightening them with the importance of setting up of International Finance Services in Gujarat. There shall also be extensive legal discourse with respect to the regulatory norms for foreign and domestic financial services companies that aim to set up operations at the GIFT IFSC.

Last Updated: 12-07-2017.