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    Research Division Group Photo
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    Between the idea and its realization lies the whole research
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    GNLU faculty presents Research Publications to the Hon'ble Governor of Gujarat

About RESEARCH Division

With an aim to become a Research Based Teaching University, GNLU has started a variety of initiatives for Faculty, Students and Research Professionals such as Research Projects, Research Publications, Group Publications, In-house Publications, Fellowships, Student Research Development Council, Collaboration with National & International Institutes and Industries and Centres of Excellence etc.

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AMBATI, Nageswara Rao DrDean of Research and Publications


Research Division Members  

  • Research and Publication Council
  • AMBATI, Nageswara Rao Dr, (Dean of Research and Publications), Convenor
  • GANDHI, Vikas Dr, Co-Convenor
  • NUNES, William Dr, Member
  • PANDYA, Viral Dr, Member
  • BISWAL, Mamata Dr, (Dean of Faculty and Academic Affairs)-Ex-Officio Member
  • Research Cadre
  • MISHRA, Mradul Mr (Assistant Professor-Research)
  • SHARMA, Pratikalpa Ms (Assistant Professor of Law (GNLU-GMB Chair))
  • KUMARI, Anita Dr (Assistant Professor (Research))
  • SINGH, Tarun Mr (Teaching and Research Associate)
  • TALUKDAR, Shreya Ms (Teaching and Research Associate)
  • WALIA, Sakshi Ms (Teaching and Research Associate)
  • SINGH, Shefali Ms (Teaching and Research Associate)
  • S., Dhanya Mrs (Teaching and Research Associate)
  • TIWARI, Prashant Mr (Teaching and Research Associate)
  • TRIVEDI, Hetvi Ms (Research Associate)
  • JANI, Charmi Ms (Research Coordinator)