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My experience at Gujarat National Law University International Maritime Academy is a unique environment for intellectual discourse and sharing of knowledge in the common heritage of maritime laws and Law of the Sea. My participation has been a truly unique and professional development in the law of the sea comparable to the very best in any other maritime law Academy. It is an experience that will forever be with me especially the beautiful and awesome Indian hospitality.

Abdul Haki Bashiru-Dine

Matovu Baker. I can sum up my experience in the 2018 GIMA Program in a three-factor typology: it is an insightful, thought provoking and futuristic program. This is not only envisaged from the fact that the program is multi-faceted, but also brings to board great experts upon which researchers and participants can devise feasible strategies to sustainably manage our maritime space and/or environment. This I think is a cornerstone upon which we can crop out acceptable ideas to manage our spatial resources across the politico-economic-social divide irrespective of location and space. I must say thank you for all especially the fun time

Matovu Baker

It was a great time we spent in GNLU has very wonderful faculty and coordinators. They are very cooperative and positive. The content of GIMA conference were relevant to my professional field. The knowledge and experience of the guest lecturers added valuable knowledge to my professional domain. The campus environment is very positive and we all remain energised during entire conference. After class hours engagements arranged by coordinators were commendable. The days which has been spend in GNLU was one of my precious time of my life and will remember it forever. Abhijeet Dubey, Mumbai Port Trust.

Abhijeet Dubey

It has been good in GIMA 18 as I met loads of people, full of knowledge and experience. I would like to thank Dr. Bimal Patel sir and Asst. Prof Sushil Goswami sir to give this wonder full opportunity to experience GIMA, 18. It was amazing for me to learn various aspects of international laws. I had a wonderful time with the participants as well as the University.

Hardik Rawal

The GNLU International Maritime Academy is a gift from Poseidon as it presents a frontier upon which practitioners, scholars and students find profound relevance in the application of core principles of the common heritage of mankind and intergenerational justice as was evident in the themes interrogated. Indeed, such contribution to my development cannot be quantified but can be summed in the hope that this Academy shall endeavour to benefit more participants. In hindsight, the activities and field trips were well placed to give the Indian flair of life which also fitted well in the discussions. May Neptune accord GIMA a long and satisfactory life.

Derrick Okadia

It was a great experience to be part of GIMA-2018.This academy was unique as all the experts from the maritime industry were teaching us. It was a more practical learning rather than theoretical one, especially the port visit. I would also like to thank the organizing committee for their excellent hospitality during my stay. God Bless you all and keep the good work on.

Ravi Sharma

GIMA 2018 has been a great learning platform. Really appreciate the effort the organizers put in for getting quality speakers. Sessions and discussion related to Marine environment protection and Blue Economy were of much use for my research. My sincere gratitude to Dr. Bimal N. Patel, Mr. Sushil and the whole team for providing this opportunity and for the top-notch hospitality.

Aravindan Anandan

Having the opportunity to participate in the GIMA 2018, I had the privilege of meeting and spending time with the most vibrant and experienced multinational participants with various experiences from their countries. The Activity and field trips were well placed. I would like to especially thank the coordinating team of GNLU, GIMA. I am so thankful for the benefit of their expertise and experience, but what means the most here in this campus is that they not only know your name, but they actually want to get to know you.

Vivek Kumar Singh

The GNLU International Maritime Academy has been a positive thought provoking experience within the realm of the Law of the Sea. Going by the 2018 Academy theme, the tutorials from the experts put into keen consideration the diverse international flavour of the participants in the maritime industry. The professional and social interactions with the GNLU faculty and academy will forever be invaluable.

Lydia Ngugi

GIMA 2018 was a truly unique experience, both on a professional and personal level. Lectures were held by renowned experts in their respective fields, allowing me to enhance my knowledge about maritime affairs and to familiarize myself with the Indian point of view. The exchanges with other participants have also greatly contributed to a productive and successful conference. A heartfelt thank you to the organizers and all the participants!

Barbara Ujlaki