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GNLU CTIL TradeLab Clinic

GNLU-CTIL TradeLab Clinic

The GNLU-CTIL TradeLab Clinic operates under the auspices of the GNLU Centre for Public and Private International Law.

GNLU-CTIL TradeLab Clinic is a joint initiative of the Centre for Trade and Investment Law, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India ( https://ctil.org.in/ ) and Gujarat National Law University. The TradeLab Clinic provides students with the opportunity to work on contemporary real-life issues of International Trade Law and gain clinical legal education benefits.

TradeLab operations function on a hub-and-spoke basis with CTIL serving as an anchor institution between the GNLU and the beneficiaries (of the research projects) to ensure seamless coordination and communication. Through the GNLU-CTIL TradeLab Clinic, student researchers have the opportunity to network with beneficiaries, address real-life legal issues, and gain academic credit.

The manuscripts prepared by student researchers are in the form of general research projects, compliance briefs, etc. In this “learning by doing” exercise, students learn how different deliverables and approaches could be applied to different research questions. Often, beneficiaries use the student research as a foundation to prepare formal and/or official representations to government agencies or international organisations.

For further details on TradeLab Clinics, refer to weblink: https://ctil.org.in/tradelab.aspx

Students from GNLU are chosen every semester to participate in GNLU-CTIL TradeLab clinics as student researchers. TradeLab Clinic students are able to take advantage of the Alternative Academic Credit Programme of GNLU.

The following students have been selected for the GNLU-CTIL TradeLab Clinic for Semester July-Dec 2021/Fall 2021:

  • Anchit Jasuja
  • Bhavnish Kaur Chhabda
  • Manthan Nagpal
  • Salonee Shukla

For more details on GNLU-CTIL TradeLab Clinic, kindly contact, Ms Harsha Rajwanshi, Assistant Professor of Law, Gujarat National Law Universtiy, Email: hrajwanshi@gnlu.ac.in; Contact Number: (+91) 8511188725.