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About Centre :

Every lawmaker is faced with two concerns: firstly, how a specific law might affect behavior and secondly, whether this law secures its intended social goals. There is a need to move from intuitive and subjective analysis to employing a scientific theory to predict these answers; this is what economics has to do with law.
The field Law and Economics or Economic Analysis of Law is concerned with this interface between the subjects of law and economics. It permits the greater use of economics to examine the law in addition to recognizing the importance of law to an analysis of the economy. Today, the field of Law and Economics has expanded into more areas such as property, contracts, torts, criminal law and procedure, constitutional law, administrative law, environmental law, family law, etc. The inherent advantage of this field is that its objective nature permits the legal system to function rationally and more efficiently. Besides, it provides a useful normative standard for evaluating law and policy. However, despite these significant advantages, Law and Economics has not gained much recognition in India, as compared to developed countries.
The objective of the GNLU Law and Economics Committee (GLEC) is to create awareness among the general public at large about this nascent field of study, which can play a crucial role in making the Indian Legal System more efficient.


  • To familiarize all stakeholders with the role that Law and Economics plays in improving the efficiency of laws and provide them a platform for interaction.
  • To provide a novel insight at how economic rationales could help in the formulation of effective policy frameworks to deal with socio-legal problems.
  • To provide a forum for discussion and debate in the field of Law & Economics to students and academicians, and to undertake academic research and study to suggest improvements in various laws, bills and government policies.
  • To collaborate with Premiere Institutes across the world in organizing Certificate Courses, Seminars and Conferences for the benefit of students and academicians.
  • To disseminate our suggestions and findings through publications.
  • What is law and economics?

    Law and Economics is a niche area dealing with the interface of the two subjects, wherein economic tools are used to better understand the law and to find its efficiency and working. Law and Economics has now spread across various fields such as Tort Law, Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Property Law, Contracts, etc. This analysis provides a rational and quantitative measure of the working of law, providing a normative standard of evaluation. While the end result is to find optimum social outcomes, this interdisciplinary field takes into account the actual working of law to arrive at solutions. This field has contributed tremendously in changing the way we can look at the functioning of our legal systems, and has won several accolades for scholars, including the Nobel Prize in Economics.


    Faculty Members:

    Dr. Ranita Nagar, Dean Research, Head, Department of Social Sciences & Professor of Economics
    Dr. Hiteshkumar Thakkar, Assistant Professor of Economics
    Mr. Marisport A, Assistant Professor of Law
    Ms. Aparjita Kumari, Teaching and Research Associate (Law)

    Student Members:

    Aaryana Anand
    Akhileshwari Anand Raj
    Alolika Chakraborty
    Angeline Priety
    Anmol Rathore
    Aparna Mishra
    Armaan Gupta
    Arunima Jaiswal
    Arvind Pillai
    Avinash Kumar
    Bedanta Chakraborty
    Chaitrika Bellana
    Cheta Sheth
    Devarsh Pandya
    Garima Kedia
    Harsh Andani
    Himanshu Kumar
    Maitrayi Chawla
    Manthan Nagpal
    Mantika Vora
    Meghna Singh
    Prateek Gujjar
    Prateek Sarmah
    Purva Anand
    Raghav Bhargava
    Raghav Kohli
    Rattanmeek Kaur
    Ravin Abhyankar
    Renuka Naik
    Rishab Agarwal
    Samidha Mathur
    Sanchit Suri
    Shikhar Maniar
    Shilpa Bhaskar
    Shivdutt Trivedi
    Shristi Jain
    Simran Jain
    Sruti Sivasubramanian
    Swagat Baruah
    Vedant Sumant
    Vishal Sinha
    Vishesh Sharma
    Zaid Deva

    Last Updated : 17-11-2017.