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GNLU-Khaitan & Co. Fellowship on Mergers and Acquisitions Laws, Policies and Practices

About Us:


Gujarat National Law University in partnership with Khaitan & Co has undertaken a unique initiative and established the GNLU- Khaitan & Co. Fellowship on Mergers and Acquisitions Laws, Policies and Practices to conduct and facilitate in-depth research in emerging areas of Mergers and Acquisitions. Khaitan & Co is one of the India’s oldest and well recognized law firms. It combines a rich heritage of over a hundred years with modern, cutting-edge and solution-oriented legal practice and offers full-service legal solutions to its domestic and international clients.


Our research is brimming with ambition, relevance and practical application. Pioneering research made in business law for people and organization, with the help of creation and maintenance of superior quality intellectual capital through education, extension and training for the M&A stakeholder across India.


Our research influences and enhances to develop the suitable academic and research programs on M&A laws, policies and practices, education, training and research awareness through a multidisciplinary approach and sharing knowledge in demand throughout the world, attracting legal framework for analyzing the present impact of M&A laws in the country. Our research focuses on, in many areas of Mergers & Acquisitions and helping academic and research fellow in corporate and business law, and continue competing, improving and evolving new policies.

Aim and Objectives

The GNLU-Khaitan & Co. Fellowship Programme on M&A, aims to enrich the intellectual resources in M&A, promote quality research, provide support to corporate litigations and develop deeper understanding among students about various issues pertaining to the field of Mergers and Acquisitions. For corporates, M&A have increasingly been touted as the preferred means to consolidate, diversify and grow in line with rapid changes in the economic and industrial landscape across the globe. While, there are plenty of organizations which provide an insight into M&A laws and practice, we believe there is scope for a much deeper understanding of this dynamic area of law which can flow from sculpted study and research. Therein, lies the importance of pursuing 'M&A' as a discipline in itself and provides the objective for establishing the, 'GNLU-Khaitan & Co. on Mergers and Acquisitions laws, policies and practices' at Gujarat National Law University.

Last Updated: 06-10-2017.