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Centre for Intellectual Property Rights


GNLU Centre for Intellectual Property Rights was established in January 2016 with an aim to promote research, extension and training in the field of intellectual property rights of India. Intellectual Property Rights and their related laws are still a developing field in the country, but its reach and importance simply cannot be ignored.

Intellectual property now touches several types of industries and businesses, ranging from pharmaceutical industry to Bollywood, and not to forget, even small-time innovators.

With the aim and vision to incentivize innovative and cutting-edge academic research in the field of IP Laws, and conducting various training and extension activities for creating more awareness in the field of IP laws, GNLU has established Centre for Intellectual Property Rights. Centre activities are undertaken under the able guidance of Dr. Nidhi Buch, Assistant Professor of Law; Mr. Hardik Parikh, Assistant Professor of Law; and Mr. Shrut Brahmbhatt, Research Associate (GNLU-GUJCOST IPR Chair) along with a group of 3rd, 4th and 5th year undergraduate law students.


  • To familiarize all stakeholders with the importance of Intellectual Property Laws in today’s technology driven Society and provide them a platform for interaction.
  • To provide an insight at how Intellectual Property Laws are essential
  • To provide forum for discussion and debate in the field of Intellectual Property Laws to students and academicians, and to undertake academic research and study to suggest improvements in various laws, bills and government policies.
  • To Initiate, plan, implement, and follow-up research activities in the field of IPR laws, in collaboration with national and international stakeholders, such as law firms, corporate and governmental departments, PSUs, judicial officers, educational institutes etc
  • To collaborate with primer Institutes across the world in organizing Certificate Course, Seminars and Conferences for the benefit of students and academicians.
  • To disseminate our suggestions and findings through publications.
  • To establish Gujarat National Law University as a nodal agency for qualitative teaching, research, training and extension in the field of Intellectual Property Rights.
  • To conduct various training, extension and outreach activities for creation of awareness and dissemination of knowledge of IP laws, policies, practices, through a multi-disciplinary approach.
  • To provide assistance in terms of legal research and advice to government on various IPR conventions and various national and international laws, etc.
  • To promote teaching and research on IP laws and related branches.
  • To provide high quality and exclusive legal research both of doctrinal and empirical by nature in the field of IPR.
  • To prepare study materials, including policy papers on a pro bono or sponsorship basis.


The Centre has been allotted two Chairs namely:

The GNLU Centre for Intellectual Property Rights along with the two chairs works to achieve the objectives of the Chair & the Centre.


  • Panel Discussion on Protecting Software's through Patents: Current Challenges, Future Solutions, held on 07th October, 2017. The discussion was led by panelists Shri D.P. Viadya, Director & Head, Lakshmi Kumaran & Sridharan and Prof. Dr. V.C. Vivekanandan, Dean, Bennett University. The session was moderated by Dr. Sobhalata Udapudi, Professor, Gujarat National Law University.
  • Capsule Course on Trademark Registration- The Process and Practical Aspects, held on 29th September, 2017. The course instructions were provided by Ms. Deepali Paun, Senior Associate, Y.J. Trivedi & Co. 
  • Special Lecture on Legal Implications of Trump's Administration delivered by Professor of Law, Susan Karamaniam, Associate Dean, George Washington University, USA, 10th March, 2017
  • Panel Discussion on Emerging Trends in IP with particular reference to Law of Patents in India and USA, 9th March, 2017. The discussion was chaired by Professor of Law, Susan Karamaniam, Associate Dean, George Washington University, USA. Panelists to the discussion were Mr. Martin Edelman, Coordinator IP Law Programme, George Washington University, USA and Mr. Raj Dave, Patent Attorney, USA, 9th March, 2017
  • Capsule Course on Patent Drafting conducted by Patent Law Attorney Mr. Gregory L. Maurer, USA, 9th January, 2017
  • Essay Competition - 2016-17.
  • Workshop on 'Intellectual Property Laws for the Traditional and Internet Based Businesses' – 27th July 2016.
  • 3 Days Training Programme with Teachers of Gujarat University Affiliated Colleges, September 2016
  • Enrichment of Library resources – July-December 2016.


  • Empirical Research on "Adding Life to Centuries' Dying Art: A Comparative Market Analysis between Tangaliya Shawls & Kutch work Shawls", 2017-18.
  • Training Programme with professionals on fundamentals of IP, September 2017.


  • Prof. Dr. Bimal N. Patel, Director, Gujarat National Law University
  • Dr. Ranita Nagar, Dean Research Division, Gujarat National Law University
  • Mr. Unnat Pandit, Manager, Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog
  • Ms. Meenu Chandra, Senior Attorney Manager, IP & DCU Lead, Microsoft India  
  • Ms. Srividhya Ragvan, Proferssor Law, Texas A&M University, USA
  • Mr. Narrottam Sahoo, Advisor, GUJCOST
  • Mr. T.C. James, Consultant, Research & Information System for Developing Countries (RIS) & President, NIPO
  • Mr. Jatin Trivedi, Intellectual Property Attorney & Advocate, Y.J. Trivedi & Co.


  • Dr. Nidhi Buch, Assistant Professor of Law & Centre Director, GNLU Centre of Intellectual Property Rights;
  • Mr. Hardik Parikh, Assistant Professor of Law, GNLU;
  • Ms. Vaishali Singh, Research Associate, GNLU Microsoft IPR Chair
  • Ms. Hetvi Trivedi, Research Associate, GNLU- GUJCOST IPR Chair

Student Members:

  • Ms. Mahika Pavithran
  • Ms. Pragya Srivastava
  • Ms. Sakshi Sharma
  • Ms. Smrithi Bhaskar
  • Mr. Kunal Gopal
  • Mr. Surabhi Saboo
  • Ms. Anvita Oswal
  • Ms. Survi Sinha
  • Ms. Isha Dave
  • Ms. Garima Kedia
  • Mr. Jayaditya Mallik
  • Ms. Shubhangi Singh
  • Ms, Yashi Saraswat
  • Mr. Varun Srinivasan
  • Ms. Vratika Thakur
  • Mr. Parth Oberoi
  • Mr. Aamer Shah
  • Ms. Varnita Singh
  • Ms. Aishwarya Suresh
  • Mr. Dhruval Singh
  • Ms. Chaitrika Bellana
  • Mr. Pallav Gupta
  • Ms. Lalitha Nandula
  • Mr. Vedant Malpani
  • Ms. Shriya Chakravarthy
  • Mr. Rahul Rajpal
  • Ms. Megha Saha
  • Mr. Ravin Abhyankar
  • Ms. Radhe
  • Mr. Kartik Kachhawah
  • Ms. Mansi Akre

Last Updated : 08-12-2017